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Split Second

  • Log Line

    A convicted felon struggles the rest of his life over the simple decision made in a split second. While they can never go back, can a few minutes of their insights save others going forward from a similar fate?


  • Concept

    Life is a series of consequences - cause and effects. For every action, there is a reaction. That decision you make today will impact your life tomorrow, as is the case with those serving hard prison time.

    Over the course of an sixty minutes, Split Second looks at the life of three inmates in order to find that one second in time, in each of their lives, where they might have been just like you and me. It examines that one imperfect, poorly made decision, that shifted their course of events, then follows it to its inevitable cold conclusion - prison.


  • Project Information

    Project ID: LTDF-003

    Program Manager: Jerry Smith

    Status: Funding

    Projected Start Date: TBD (too be determined)


  • Initial Needs

    1. Approvals from Federal Prison System (e.g., Maine State Prison)

    2. Funding Sources/Grants

    3. Seek individual contributions

    4. Story Writers

    5. Initial Set of Story Lines


    6. Have any ideas on how to get Split Second up and going? Please email us.