Live The Dream Films


  • Log Line

    Abandon dogs and cats spend their life in a half way houses only to find that their caretakers lives become transformed through the simple act of caring.

  • Concept

    The film opens with an early morning panoramic view of Rockland in the foreground and the harbor with its anchored boats in the background, the sun is just breaking over the horizon. Soft music fads in, as the sounds of city become more intense. The distant barks of dogs begin to be heard and a few cat cries from a distance are sensed. As the camera slowly tilts up, the audience hears snippets of scratchy phone calls, one after another, between anonymous concerned people talking about key changes in their lives, all with some sort of dog or cat tie-in. In the final call, a young woman makes an emotional plea to the shelter; the stress in her voice can be felt as she begins to ask for help… Fad to Title - Redemption: Transforming Lives through the Humane Society of Knox County.


    The first part shows the staff arriving at the shelter and going about their duties. During this part we are introduced to the some of the staff, dogs, and cats. We get an intimate feel for the facility and its residents. The film shows the arrival of new animals; the loving-care by the staff as homeless dogs and cats are processed; the lonely ride to veterinary, the nervous checkup by the vet, and the joyful trip back to the shelter. The film stresses the value of community involvement by following a few volunteers on dog walks and the intimate interplay by others with cats.


    The middle part of the film, intended as a breather, shows a brief history of the shelter, its impact on the community, and the vast areas the shelter supports. Lyman Pope Jr. Foundation is spotlighted as a key financial contributor through a few photographic stills of his life and relationship with his dog. An interview with a member of the foundation talks about the importance of the shelter while eager supporters are shown bidding the Pussyfooting Around painting as the auctioneer calls our the next bid during the annual Art for Animals auction. A brief exploration of the Maine State Prison outreach program is highlighted.


    The third section, which shows the staff working in serious situations, digs a little deeper in the staff-homeless animal relationship. The film follows the staff as they intervene in an animal crisis. It is noted that while the shelter tries to help animals as many ways as possible, the realization that some animals have physical problems that are to severe to overcome can be seen in the euthanization of cat or dog. A new family is followed through the shelter as they joyfully adopt a animal. This section of the film ends by following “Sammy” as the staff reflects on the reality that some animals will be in their long-term care, with little to no hope of adoption.


    The last material part of the film takes a quick look at building operations, planning, and future needs. The Executive Director of the Humane Society of Knox County appears at this stage, talking directly to the camera. Her function is to make explicit what has only been implied up to this point: that the shelter really cares about its homeless animals and the ongoing need for community support. Fad to black.


    The film closes with another panoramic view of the city of Rockland in the foreground and the sun setting to the west in the background.  “Amazing Grace” begins to play; a single piano accompanist and girlish childlike like voice sings. Images of successfully adopted dogs and cats begin to flash across the screen; grainy films of happy kids and adults embracing their new family members are shown. As the last images fads from the screen and “Amazing Grace” fads out, a distance dial tone can be heard, immediately followed by dialing.  A young woman answers the phone and says, “Humane Society of Knox County; May I help you?” The voice of a very happy young boy, high pitched, can be heard asking, “My mommy says I can get a puppy. Do you have any?” Fad to black – roll credits.

  • Project Information

    Project ID: LTDF-002

    Program Manager: Jerry Smith

    Status: Funding

    Projected Start Date: TBD

    Length: 22 min (targeted for 30 min TV broadcast slot)

    Format: Filmed in HDV 1080p24 (high definition 24 fps)

    Distribution: HD DVD (High Definition), Online

  • Initial Needs


    1. Humane Society of Knox County has approved this project and will provide access to their facilities and staff.

    2. 50% of the proceeds from this film will go to the Humane Society of Knox County


    Previous Activities:

    1. Shot 10 hrs of test film (learned a lot about documenting animals)

    2. Produced short music montage


    Future Needs:

    1. Funding Sources/Grants

    2. Seek individual contributions

    3. Small production support crew (sound, cameraman, etc.)


    6. Have an idea on how to see Redemption come to life? Please email us.