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Lobster Coast

  • Log Line

    An aging fleet of coastal lobstermen struggle to find relevance in a modern world of high stakes trawling. While their tall tales are the stories that history is based on, can we find value in the lessons learned from their past?

  • Concept

    Lobstering is a historical way of life along the northern seaboard. Until the early 1800, lobstering was done by gathering them by hand along the coastline. It wasn’t until 1850 that the lobstering industry came to Maine, which has had as many as 6300 lobstermen working the coast.

    Lobster Coast (working title) documents the historical nature of this industry in the form of first person interviews. It’s initial purpose to record the story of the old day, told by those that live them before they are gone and the stories can’t be told. These stories will be the basis for a series of episodes focusing on specific issues faced throughout the last 150 years.


  • Project Information

    Project ID: LTDF-004

    Program Manager: Jerry Smith

    Status: Funding

    Projected Start Date: 4th Quarter, 2012


  • Initial Needs

    1. List/Database of senior lobstermen

    2. Funding Sources/Grants

    3. Seek individual contributions

    4. Story Writers

    5. Initial Set of Story Lines


    6. What else?