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About Me - Digitial DaVincian

There are two aspects to filmmaking I enjoy the most: the art and the technical. First and foremost, filmmaking is about about art. It is the unscientific process of taking what you see in your mind’s eye and putting it to film. There is no right or wrong, just perception through story telling.


While having an artistic eye is a necessary component of today’s documentary film maker, without strong technical skills even the best of eyes can become blurred. High technology filmmaking is here  to stay. Multi-processor-based nonlinear editing in near real time conflated with peta-byte raided storage systems has become the bifocals of post-production ecosystems for the videographer and editor.

Favorite Cameras

Personal Motto

Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Canon EOS 7D

iPhone 4S

iPad 3

"Making Things Fun Through Film"

Favorite Ecosystems

After Effects (Compositing)

Premiere Pro (Compositing)

Nuke (Compositing)

Photoshop (Image Editing)

Mocha (Tracking)

Syntheyes (Tracking)

PFTrack (Tracking)

Silhoette (Rotoscoping)


Audition (Audio)

Soundbooth (Audio)

Color (Color)

Cinema 4d (Graphics)

Final Draft (Script)

Final Draft AV (Script)

ScreenWriter (Script)

FrameForge 3D Studio (Previz)

Vue xStream